Detroit's work thus far

In early 2014, the Detroit Land Bank Authority began the implementation of the HHF Blight Elimination Program in targeted zones of low and moderate vacancy throughout the city. This investment has been supported with additional programs aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods.

From January 1st, 2014 to July, 2015, 5,812 demolitions have been completed in the City of Detroit.

Through the nuisance abatement program, cited owners of vacant blighted property have 6 months to fix their property, or it will seized by the city. 3,865 vacant properties have been noticed through the program.

Excess public property is being put back to productive use. Neighbors are now able purchase the vacant lots adjacent to their properties. To date over 2,100 side lots have been sold. Property auctions have transformed formerly vacant homes with new owners responsible for restoring them within 6 months. Over 370 auctions have closed since the programs implementation in Summer 2014.